miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Reaction to the letter from the Moroccan ambassador

Dear President Swoboda:

We have received a letter from the Moroccan ambassador accusing the Members of the Sahara Intergroup, to which I have the honor to belong, of being "agents of Algeria".

For twenty years of my life, during Franco's regime, I was branded an "agent of Moscow." I find it unacceptable. Our group and the Parliament should not have the slightest consideration with that ambassador, especially when four of our colleagues have been rejected from Casablanca, one of them from our own S-D group. I was allowed, on the other hand, to attend the military trial of the Sahrawi youth in Rabat, which was a real outrage to human rights.

We cannot, dear President, ignore this situation. What happened is very serious and that letter aggravates it even more, in my opinion.


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