miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

Exabrupto marroquí

Ante la visita de una delegación del Parlamento Europeo al Sáhara.

Adjunto la carta enviada por el embajador marroquí. Es un puro documento colonialista al igual que lo fue el juicio de Rabat al que asistí.

Mission du Royaume du Maroc

Auprès de l’Union Européenne


Honorable MEP,

I took good note of the content of your letter dated 25thFebruary 2013 regarding your interest to visit the southern provinces of the Kingdom Morocco.

I would like, hereby, to draw your kind attention to the following:

1- There exists a formal EU-Moroccan structure:“The Joint Parliamentary Commission” which deals with a variety of issues relating to all the EU-Morocco partnership agenda. This Committee is the appropriate framework for the consideration of the different issues related the morocco-EU relations. The Moroccan side has always been open to discuss all the issue within this Committee;

2- The delegation which is proposed to visit the Moroccan Saharan territory is composed of members who are mostly active in the pro-Algéria/polisario lobbyist group. Their positions have been always one-sided and unbalanced. They can not be trusted to undertake a non-politically motivated visit nor to present a balanced assessment of the situation;

3- These EP members, contrary to their colleagues at the European institution, hold excessive politicized views against the interests of Morocco. In other words, their objective is to hinder the advanced partnership between Morocco and the European Union and to torpedo the active support of the EU for the process of reforms undertaken by the Kingdom, as a key partner in the Southern Neighbourhood, particularly in terms of human rights. The distortion of facts and instrumentalisation of the human dimension of the Sahara conflict is part of the other parties misleading strategies and campaigns.

4- Unfortunately, these MEPs have never voiced nor denunciated the human rights violations in the Tindouf camps, in Algerian Territory. Their conscience never questioned or reacted to the general situation of the population there.

5- The situation of persons who are in the camps is totally unique and atypical. There is no exact figure regarding the actual number of people in these camps. No census of the populations has been allowed by Algeria, in violation of the UN Security Council Resolutions 1979 and 2044 concerning the registration and the census of the population in the Tindouf camps. This situation provides a propitious environment for the continuation of the embezzlement of humanitarian aid,as proven in reports elaborated by the European Commission’s OLAF, and UNHCR’s PAM in May 2005. The lack of a clear legal framework governing the status of the populations in Tindouf is exceptional and unique in terms of international refugee law. The populations in Tindouf camps are deprived of their fundamental rights.

MEP Norbert Neuser

European Parliament

6- The deteriorating social and political conditions represent a time-bomb in the Tindouf camps. The camps which are populated by thousands of idle and frustrated fighters and networks of organized crime traffickers constitute naturally an appealing target for AQIM’s smuggling, military and terrorist wings. Several reports have warned of the slide of growing numbers of disenchanted people of the camps toward organized crime and terrorism. This development carries enormous risks to the stability not only to the Sahel and Maghreb but also to Europe.

Consequently, I would like to underline that Morocco does not expect that such a parliamentary visit, in the actual circumstances and its timing and composition, could provide an objective, credible report, that would bring an added value to the discussions within the European Union regarding the Sahara issue, which, I believe, would be considered in all its political, economic, human and social aspects.

Therefore, this visit is not welcomed as it will rather serve some already known and politically motivated agenda, and constitutes an additional act of provocation.

As you know, Morocco does have and continue to foster good relations with the European Parliament and the MEPS in general and will continue to be available to work with this venerable institution within the existing official legislative framework.By the same token, Morocco appreciates the existing excellent relations with the rest of the EU institutions as well. Fortunately, the fundamentals of these relations are solid and deeply rooted a fact that is clearly shown by the recent visit of Mr. Barroso to Morocco. This visit is a token of confidence, respect and trust vis-à-vis a stable country with well anchored democratic structures, existing in a highly tumultuous region.

Please accept Honorable MEP, the assurances of my consideration.

Brussels, 5th March, 2013

Menouar Alem

Ambassador, Chief of the Moroccan Mission to E.U

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