martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Breve informe al Presidente de la Comisión Jurídica sobre la misión a la oficina de Alicante

Sent: 20 October 2011 12:38
To: LEHNE Klaus-Heiner
Subject: Short report of EP delegation to OHIM, Alicante

Dear President,

The mission to OHIM last Monday was a success.

The delegation was finally composed by Cecilia Wikstrom and me as MEPs (Mr. Karim could not make it) and several EP staff. Ms. Froelinguen from the Commission also joined us.

As far as I know, the OHIM works very well. Mr. Campinos is a splendid President, competent and friendly, who has a well-coordinated team. The outcome, functionally and in economic terms, and its liquid assets encourage this team to take over the new competences of the Observatory, whose draft report I will summit in the next days. To sum up, I think these new tasks could be reinforced very competently from Alicante.

Best wishes,


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